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Case Study:

Knight Transportation

Who They Are:

Knight Transportation is a leading transportation and logistics company renowned for its commitment to reliability, safety, and efficiency. With a rich history spanning several decades, Knight Transportation has established itself as a trusted partner in the trucking industry, providing innovative solutions tailored to meet the diverse needs of its clients.

What We Achieved:

During a pilot program conducted with Knight Transportation, a prominent player in the trucking industry, following their merger with Swift Transport in 2017, our digital marketing strategies yielded significant improvements in their recruitment efforts. Over the course of a two-month engagement, we observed a substantial decrease in their investment in Paid Search advertising, while concurrently enhancing key performance indicators related to lead generation and engagement.

Specifically, our collaboration resulted in a noteworthy decrease of 39.7% in Cost Per Lead (CPL) within Google Ads – Search over the 60-day pilot period. Simultaneously, there was a remarkable surge of 58.7% in the generation of Qualified Leads, all accomplished within the confines of the existing budget. This translated to an impressive 8.13-fold increase in the number of leads acquired per month.

Following the conclusion of the pilot program and the cessation of our management, subsequent data illustrated a regression in performance metrics. Notably, there was a 41% reduction in Qualified Leads, a 50% decline in phone call activity, an 8.6% decrease in site chats, and a 33% reduction in driver hires within Google Ads – Search, underscoring the critical role our strategies played in sustaining and enhancing Knight Transportation’s digital presence and recruitment efficacy.


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