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Case Study:

Swift Transportation/
Swift Academy

Who They Are:

Swift Transportation, now known as Knight-Swift Transportation Holdings Inc., is one of the largest trucking and transportation companies in the United States. It is a major player in the freight and logistics industry, providing a wide range of transportation services. The company operates a large fleet of trucks and offers services such as truckload transportation, intermodal transportation, and logistics solutions.

What We Achieved:

Over a span of two and a half years, we collaborated with Swift Transportation, a prominent player in the US trucking industry, contributing significantly to the substantial reduction in their hiring costs and the remarkable enhancement of their driver recruitment efforts. While the primary objective centered around the recruitment of truck drivers, our partnership extended to the provision of new driver training through their in-house Academy, offering comprehensive CDL training.

During the initial 90 days of implementing Google Ads – Search, we achieved a notable 77% decrease in Cost Per Lead (CPL) and an outstanding 813% increase in Qualified Leads, coupled with a strategic budget augmentation of 114%. This translated to an impressive 8.13-fold surge in the number of leads generated on a monthly basis.

After a year of sustained efforts, our continued collaboration resulted in an even more substantial improvement. We achieved an 83% reduction in CPL and an extraordinary 1611% increase in Qualified Leads. Concurrently, the budget was elevated by 194%, contributing to a remarkable 1500% increase in Hires. This impactful outcome led to a substantial reduction in their Cost Per Hire (CPH), reaching an all-time low and underscoring the effectiveness of our marketing strategies in driving tangible results for Swift Transportation.



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