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Case Study:

Baker University

Who They Are:

Baker University in Baldwin City, Kansas stands as a beacon of academic excellence and tradition. As a distinguished private institution, Baker University prides itself on its rich history dating back to 1858, making it the oldest university in the state. Baker offers a diverse range of associate and bachelor’s degree programs across various disciplines, including business, education, and liberal arts.

What We Achieved:

Weboganic was the distinguished 2-year tenured Agency of Record (AOR) for Baker University, orchestrating a comprehensive array of Digital Marketing initiatives, including Search Marketing, Media Buying, Paid Social, Lead Generation, and CTV ads. Our collaborative journey with Baker University over the initial 120 days yielded remarkable results across the spectrum of Digital Marketing channels.

In our time with BU, we successfully executed strategies that led to an impressive 53% reduction in Cost Per Lead (CPL). Simultaneously, there was a substantial uptick of 154% in Qualified Leads, marking a noteworthy achievement in enhancing the university’s lead generation efforts. What sets this accomplishment apart is the astute management of resources, with a strategic budget increase of just 21%. This measured investment resulted in more than doubling the quantity of qualified leads generated for Baker University, a testament to our proficiency in optimizing outcomes even within constrained financial parameters.

Our tailored approach to Digital Marketing not only focuses on metrics but also takes into account the overarching goals of our clients. By meticulously managing Search Marketing, Media Buying, Paid Social, Lead Generation, and CTV ads, we ensure a holistic and synergistic strategy that resonated with Baker University’s objectives. This nuanced and comprehensive approach was emblematic of Weboganic’s commitment to delivering impactful, measurable, and sustainable results for Baker University.


These outcomes underscore the efficacy of our tailored marketing strategies and our steadfast commitment to delivering tangible results for our clients. At Weboganic, we take pride in our ability to drive growth and elevate the online presence of esteemed educational institutions like Baker University through innovative digital marketing solutions.

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