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Case Study:

Porter and
Chester Institute

Who They Are:

Porter & Chester Institute (PCI) stands as a reputable technical school with a strong presence across Connecticut and Massachusetts, offering education and training at nine convenient locations. With a commitment to providing practical, career-focused programs, PCI boasts a diverse range of 10 different career programs designed to meet the needs of today’s job market. With a focus on industry-relevant curriculum and personalized support, graduates emerge prepared to enter the workforce with confidence and make valuable contributions to their professions.

What We Achieved:

Weboganic proudly serves as the newly appointed Agency of Record (AOR) for PCI, and within the initial 90 days, the results were nothing short of remarkable. In the realm of Google Ads, significant improvements have been achieved. The Cost Per Lead (CPL) witnessed a notable decrease of 35%, coupled with a remarkable 83% increase in Qualified Leads.

Delving into the specifics of Non-Brand Search, the impact is even more pronounced. Through dedicated efforts, the CPL decreased by an impressive 49%, resulting in a substantial surge of 131% in Non-Branded Qualified Leads. This accomplishment essentially doubled the volume of qualified leads generated.

The focus on enhancing quality was equally paramount in our strategy. By identifying and eliminating 18% of unqualified lead traffic, which included segments susceptible to potential Google Fraud, we successfully re-invested resources. This strategic reallocation played a pivotal role in reducing the bad lead rate for admissions by over 45%, thus elevating the overall quality of the leads generated. Weboganic’s strategic approach not only optimized performance metrics but also safeguarded against potential pitfalls, demonstrating our commitment to delivering tangible results for PCI.


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