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Case Study:

Divers Institute of Technology

Who They Are:

Divers Institute of Technology (DIT) in Seattle is a pioneering institution renowned for its comprehensive training programs in commercial diving and underwater welding. Founded in 1968, Divers Institute has been a beacon of excellence in maritime education, producing skilled professionals who excel in the challenging and dynamic field of commercial diving. In April of 2021, DIT hired leading Edu marketing firm Weboganic to manage their online marketing effort, primarily through the Google Ad program.

What We Achieved:

We began collaboration with the ACCSC accredited commercial diving institution, The Divers Institute of Technology, in April 2021 and have since served as their designated agency for over three years. During this period, we have made substantial strides in optimizing their digital marketing strategy in Paid Search advertising aimed at bolstering their student recruitment.

In a comparative analysis spanning 27 months – comparing our tenure with those of the previous agency – great improvements have been made. For the period of January to April 2021 (prior agency) versus January to April 2022 (Weboganic) our monthly expenditure witnessed a reduction of 2.7%. Lead acquisition surged by an impressive 64.3%, showing the success of our tailored marketing initiatives. Their cost-per-lead (CPL) dropped 40.8%, affirming the strategic interventions we created.

Additionally, analysis of our cost efficiencies from 2021 through 2023 shows a pattern of cost reduction, attesting to our sustained optimization work. Over a three-year horizon (including 65% of our 2021 management), DIT’s CPL experienced a notable decrease of 17.8%. Additionally, the period spanning 2022 to 2023 showed a further reduction in CPL by 12.6%. Altogether the comparative analysis from 2021 to 2023 reflects a substantial total CPL decrease of 28.1%. Weboganic continues unwavering commitment to driving cost efficiencies and performance enhancements over successive years which continues to be a significant part in the success story of Divers Institute of Technology.


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